Institutional investors

Institutional investors have a high responsibility. As global and international capital and financial markets become more complex, Investfinans AB will advise you exclusively on experienced specialists who keep track and, above all, remain level-headed. The decisive criterion is the consistent cooperation with our professional network, especially in the areas of institute-specific support, real estate and special funds.

As an institutional client, you have access to international real estate markets and structured investment solutions based on mature Real Estate research.

Real Estate and Real Estate funds are an important element in asset allocation for institutional investors. Experts develop and manage special funds, fund solutions for investments in the European and US real estate markets and offers for mixed securities and real estate special funds.

National and international institutional investors receive expert investment advice, tailor-made fund products and comprehensive one-stop service from Investfinans AB. The specialists at Investfinans AB have extensive expertise in advising institutional clients on professional portfolio management and the implementation of transactional processes. The multiplication of potentials from the strategic and operational object level up to entire portfolios as well as the implementation of residential and commercial project developments from the project planning over the construction up to the sale belong to the scope of services of the enterprise.