Invest Money Safely

How we can  offer safe and profitable investment possibilities, and why should I invest my money there? These are valid questions investors must ask themselves. Sweden already started in the 60s to create an attractive financial market with focussed measures like duty-free commerce, immunity from taxes and a stable and transparent civil law. The state commonly known as tax paradise has one of the best rankings in the Europe.

Investfinans AB is acting as a wholesale bank since 1994 and offers trough investments in trade finance among other things safe and lucrative investment possibilities. Assuming that a German manufacturer sells a machine to a customer abroad, he delivers the machine directly to the customer. The payment processing will be performed trough a factoring transaction under complete coverage of the credit. This has the advantage, that the seller gets his money immediately and can offer his customer attractive conditions and payment methods. Thus the differences between national and international law and payment systems can be balanced and trade relations can be expanded. Europe therefore has an attractive investment climate and sufficient innovative business opportunities.

Let’s get to the second question. Institutional as well as private investors should take the financial market of Europe seriously into consideration, as because of the above mentioned business opportunities conditions higher than average for example for fixed-term deposits, can be offered. With about 8% per year they are far above the European average. Customer funds are covered by the worldwide largest credit reinsurance company. Additionally the Investfinans AB increased its share capital in 2017 from 60 million to 100 million USD and plans another increase of 500 millions USD with the going public on the Luxembourg stock exchange in 2019. So the Investfinans AB comes a large step closer to its European customers and offers a high degree of security.

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