Investment For 10 Years

With investments, the term plays an important role for the conditions. The longer the capitals is tied, the higher is the interest rate with fixed interest investments. Customers who can do a long time without their savings can increase their yields significantly through long term investments. That’s the theory.

Unfortunately the practice on the European financial market is different. Here the conditions for fixed-term deposits are indeed higher than for shorter terms, but due to the zero interest policy oft the ECB still too low. If we compare the offers from European providers the best offer these days is found at an Italian Bank which offers 2.2% per year. Compared to shorter terms, this is a good offer, but if the forecasted rate of inflation of 1.9% is taken into account nearly nothing remains of the expected yield. With a net profit of 0.3% per year it is hardly worth to tie your money for such a long term.

Investors who are willing to invest outside Europe will find an attractive and innovative financial market in Investfinans AB. We created with focussed measures an optimal investment climate where conditions higher than average can be achieved.

Investfinans AB is acting on the market since 1989 and is listed on the Europe stock exchange since 1994. As the only one there the stable and successful financial institution has increased its share capital in 2017 from 60 to 100 million USD. In 2019 the Investfinans AB plans to go public on the Luxembourg stock exchange and will increase its share capital by additional 500 million USD. With these measures and the coverage by the worldwide largest credit reinsurance company the absolute security of customer funds is guaranteed. By utilising all advantages offered by the financial market of Europe, the bank is able to offer its customers an interest rate up to 8% per year for fixed-term deposits starting with an amount of 10,000 Euros. Here is is definitely worth to tie the capital for a long term.

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