It has always been common to teach young children to bring their savings to the bank and place it on deposits to get the interest. But nowadays the savings accounts are only a ‘parking area’ for your money. It hardly offers any profit, least of all today with the ongoing low-interest policy including zero interest and penalty rates of the European Central Bank. So the savings account has disused to be a conventional investment option.

Which possibilities do you have as an investor if you want to invest you money safe and with high profits? Classical fixed-term deposits offer a high grade of security but the profit is not worth mentioning. The stock exchange is very volatile and offers chances for high profit but the security of you capital is not guaranteed. It seems as if you have to select either security or profits because both at the same time are currently not available on the European financial market.

But there is a solution for this problem. Investfinans AB with headquarters in Switzeland  acting actively since 1994 and listed on the stock exchange offers its customers all advantages of the innovative financial market. The island state started to invest in the educational system as well as the civil law and to create an attractive financial market in the 1960s. Acting on this market, Investfinans AB can offer you safe investment opportunities with high interest rates above the average. For fixed-term deposits an interest rate up to 8% per year is possible. At the same time your capital is covered by the largest credit reinsurance company of the world. The recent increase of the capital from USD 60 to 100 Million provides additional security. So, you as an investor can lean back relaxed and let your money work for you. Investfinans AB supports you as a reliable and capable financial partner and gives advice to all financial matters without any obligation.

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