The Best Investment Option

Call-money, fixed-term deposits and savings contracts count without any doubt to the most popular investment options. The following post shall point out the advantages and disadvantages of call-money and fixed-term deposits and explain the differences between both investment types.


Call-money accounts are suitable for short term investments and when the investor wants to stay flexible and access his money at any time. Usually a period of notice is not required.

Fixed-term Deposit

On a fixed-term deposit account, the money is invested for a fixed term. A premature payment is not possible, therefore the interest rates are higher than on a call-money account. The interest is assured for the hole term. This means, that the bank cannot adjust the rate, even when the interest rate is developing negatively. The fixed-term deposit is subject to the legal deposit protection. In case of bankruptcy the capital will be replaced within 30 days.

For both investment options the offered interest rates are higher than for savings or current accounts, but still extremely low due to the ongoing zero interest policy of the European Central Bank. How long this low-interest-phase will last is not yet clear.

While searching for the best investment options, potential investors must look beyond the European financial market. The Investfinans AB utilises the whole capacity of the attractive and innovative financial market in Eurepe and offers an interest rate up to 8% per year for fixed-term deposits starting with an amount of 10,000 Euros. Investors should not be discouraged by the location. On the contrary, the state which has one of the best rankings in the Europe created with focussed measures an investor-friendly atmosphere, which is already appreciated by many institutional investors. Your investment with the Investfinans AB is subject to the deposit protection through the worldwide largest credit reinsurance company.

The best investment options are still call-money and fixed-term deposits, and when you invest your capital with the Investfinans AB you can invest worry-free and with interest rates far above the average.

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